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"Become the most POWERFUL person you know."

"Society is sick.

You're the antidote."


Problem: Many of us feel we aren’t in control of our health, wealth, and happiness. And on top of it, it seems like society is getting worse.

Society is sick and, yes, it’s personal. We personally suffer from the errors of unconscious collective groupthink.

Evidence: Depression, obesity, anxiety, over-medicated, addictions, and homelessness are on the rise. Collectively, we are still legitimizing war and giving justification of poverty.

"We all have the same hardware for psychic abilities and energetic healing.


We just need to learn to update the software program which is our mindset/consciousness."

"Healing yourself looks like healing your environment and communities."


Question: How do we go about fixing ourselves and fixing society?


Answer: We aim to get you to a state of soul sovereignty through a process called the 5 Laws Pathway. Its aim is to bring us into harmony with ourselves and our highest potential, which then harmonizes the world around us.


I take individuals and groups through the 5 Laws Pathway that provides the following:

1. Grounding

Grounding: Increases their resilience to physical realities that are harmful, and provides increased sensitivities to energies that they can control. You will be at your best physically!

2. Compassion

Compassion: Expands conscious awareness of their own emotional world and the worlds that others exist in. Making them powerfully empathetic and influential. Through this open-hearted step, you will no longer fear the shadows of your psyche.

3. power

Power: Hones their abilities to detect subtle energies and messages that are on par with the greatest visionaries in history. This step gives you access to psychic abilities.

4. unity

Unity: Ability to divine information beyond our current understanding. Accessing channels to communicate with ancient teachers and Source Energy. This reunites you with your benevolent and divine spirit team.

5. transcendence

Transcendence: Empowers them to trust the natural energies to conduct healing for themselves and others. From personal to societal. You will find yourself able to energetically/spiritually heal yourself, others, situations, and beyond.

Laws of Limitlessness Process Map.png

About Brandon Kneefel:

Brandon Kneefel is a Licensed Spiritual Counselor, Certified Holistic Healer, author, and authority on spiritual mysticism, consciousness, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness, energetic healing, extrasensory perceptions, and mediumship.


Brandon starred in Logo and Vh1 TV’s Finding Prince Charming. Brandon has lectured at dozens of colleges and organizations across the country on spirituality, faith-based issues, LGBTQ+ issues, visionary technology, and mental models, and mindful activism.  He’s also has been seen across Viacom networks for the special Addiction in America and MTV U.S. and MTV UK’s PSA Coming Out in 60 secs.


He is a former Point Foundation Scholar (the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ granting scholarship fund) given the Jonathan D. Lewis name scholarship for showing most promise as “a future progressive leader.” Brandon has been profiled and cited in textbooks, major newspapers, and magazines, and was selected to the Equality California Institute’s Leadership Academy in 2017 for his merit in service to his community. 

ASK ABOUT Macro Myths with Micro Effects 

Macro Myth #1

We need an enemy to blame. We’ve been seduced into believing that the only way humanity can come together is with a common enemy.

Micro Effect

Our psyches build unnecessary defense mechanisms that create more stress hormones that have nowhere to go because no one is taking accountability for any major issues. We bear the burden ourselves and before we know it, we are living our lives motivated by trauma.


All we need is a common challenge. Something to aspire to and achieve.

Macro Myth #2

Stratification of people

is necessary. More space creates more safety

Micro Effect

This creates more separation and isolation for us, in our lives and in our minds.


More connection creates more safety.

Macro Myth #3

In order to survive and thrive, we must defend ourselves against opposing ideas, disease, and even death. In other words, we must stand up against what we don’t want.

Micro Effect

We cut ourselves off from our ability to thrive because we are stuck in survival mode. This keeps us small and blind. We no longer trust ourselves in our smallness and forfeit our own moral authority and self-sovereignty.


In order to survive and thrive we must create what we do want.

Macro Myth #4

Anyone or body of thought that is different from us is the ultimate threat. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, religious persecution are the great ails.


Micro Effect

We close off any opportunity to expand our consciousness. As energy, we are either expanding or contracting. So if we aren’t expanding into a soulful, curious, universal perspective, we are contracting to a limited, cynical, and materialistic worldview.


These are simply flimsy and inconsistent stand-ins for our inability to be safe and stable in the unknown or unfamiliar. 



Phone: 734-664-7743

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