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A Way With Words
Copywriting and Content Creation to Amplify Your Message

Let's make sure your vision is well-spoken and produced. Whether you need help writing compelling email campaigns, ad copy that stops the reader mid-scroll, web copy that actually captures the magic of your offering, or creating social media content that sells, I'm here to help. 

Hi, I'm Bo. I'm a copywriter and social media content creator. Along with a love for the written word, I have honed my skills in graphic design, video editing, and social media production. 

If you're considering me for a project and don't see a comparable sample below, email me at, and I'll happily send a sample, spec, or proposal. 

Web Copy - Entertainment/Streaming

The Project: Redesign the flow and copy of the corporate website. 

The Approach: I collaborated with the creative director on design and graphics. Then, I worked with the programming and design teams to identify pride points of the company and its offerings. Finally, I took the corporate story and made concise but compelling copy that was in the voice of the employees. 

Bonus: The app was growing quickly with new channels and verticals being added monthly. They were struggling with a way to unify these channels like music, sports, Korean dramas, and martial arts films. We decided that the only thing that needed to be unified was how they were talked about, starting with a formula to describe each channel in less than two sentences. The uniformity of the descriptions cleaned up the channel page and gave more coherency to the overall brand. 

Email Campaigns - Sports + Entertainment 

The Project: Create newsletter campaigns to drive Black Belt Magazine readers to their new offering, Black Belt TV

Below is a video scroll of a sample email blast that I wrote and did creative direction for graphics and layout. 

Host Scripting - Entertainment

The Project: Research and script Bridget's Hollywood Horror Nights, which is a horror film series (similar to Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) hosted by Bridget Marquardt (former Playboy Playmate and co-star on E!’s reality TV series The Girls Next Door).

Below is the portion of the script that corresponds to video clip.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 5.16.08 PM.png

The Project: Research and script The Master's Way, which is a philosophical and biographical talk show featuring the living legends of martial arts and hosted by former NFL All-Pro Tony Parrish. 

Below is the portion of the script that corresponds to the video clip.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 5.16.29 PM.png

Articles + Listicles 

Social Media - Promo

The Project: script, produce, and edit a promotional video from scratch for an online class.

I first designed all of the graphics (matching with brand colors and typeface), then I went through 4 hours of video to select clips and soundbites, then I added finishing touches like animation, music, and transitions. 

Social Media - Product Ad

The Project: promote Relax Saunas on TikTok

I scripted and shot the series of ads. 

Technical Writing - Blockchain Technology

The Project: I wrote the whitepaper for a blockchain/crypto company. 

After that, I scripted the explainer video (and work with a graphics team to produce the video) for the introduction of the company and the functionality of its technology. 

Below is the pdf white paper and embedded explainer video.

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