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life coaching

Holistic Life Coaching? What does that mean? In a nutshell, I work mostly with gay/bi/queer men and women to help them heal and level up in any and all areas of their lives! 

Where I differ from many other coaches (whose goal is to help you level up) or counselors (whose goal is to help you heal), is that I know that to truly get what you want, you have to know what that is, and trauma/wounds/blocks can hinder our own capacity to desire what is for our highest good. We often have trauma-motivated goals so when we accomplish these goals, we actually never feel fulfilled. It is my goal to help you uncover your true desires and to no longer continue chasing after goals that will leave you unfulfilled (due to the fact that they are reinforcing an old belief/story/wound).


That’s why we work on healing while leveling up. It’s not either or, it can’t be, not in this state of existence.


You will find that work with me will bring the tears, the belly laughs, the ahas, and this work will reveal to you the most powerful person you’ve ever met—your true self.

Here are some of my skills, trainings, certifications, and modalities that I will use in our sessions:


  • Licensed Spiritual Counselor

  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher

  • Shamanic Journeying (my #1 tool to help you find the answers within!)

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Past-Life Regressions

  • Astrology (specialize in original wound and life path placements)

  • Breathwork/Pranayama

  • Mind Treatments and Meditation

  • Radiant Body Movement and Hatha/Tantric/Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • Healing-Informed Mediumship

  • Shadow Work

  • Certified in BreakFree Intervention Technique for Addiction/Eating Disorder/Substance Use Disorders

  • Inner Child Healing

  • And more…

Signs you might want to work with me:

How’s romance and finance treating you? Causing you head or heartache?

Does life feel like a game of Whack-a-mole? Constantly trying to manage the pieces and when one thing finally goes well, other things become challenging?


Do you feel like there is so much life to be lived? That you have so much more to give this world? That you have so much love to share? You just don’t know how or where to pour this energy?


Do you feel like there is a stubborn block or belief that you can’t quite pinpoint but know is holding you back in some way (from making more money or finding love)?


Are you craving expansion in life or spirit? Do you want to tap more into your inspiration and intuition, but don’t know how?


Do you simply want to feel better, physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically?

I've helped clients transition to more fulfilling and aligned careers, increase self-love, double/triple their income, heal long-standing trauma, transform their physical bodies, increase self-worth, walk away from detrimental relationships and toward uplifting ones, find love, discover their purpose, free themselves of addictions and compulsions, and so much more. 


I require a minimum commitment of four sessions, but recommend 8-12 sessions for most clients. Why? Most of the time, the first sessions help work with the wounds or blocks and only allow you the opportunity to experience initial stages of success. We must first uncover the true you, your true desires, and discard fears and blocks before we can truly begin to go after the life we ultimately desire. And this takes time and guidance.

What’s possible with 4 sessions? We can look at a specific problem area and identify the true issue/blocks that have been most likely overlooked and eliminate the blocks while getting you initial progress in that area. This is great for someone who has a problem that has been bothering them that they can’t surmount, while most other areas of their life are functioning well.


What’s possible with 8 sessions? Look at 1 to 2 areas of your life that you’d like heal/improve, get clarity about the issue and the components involved and how they affect multiple areas of your life. Begin to resolve the blocks and get you set up for long term success in those areas. This is for someone who wants a relative shift in their life; to maybe choose a different path or needs to shake things up in some way.


What’s possible with 12 or more sessions? Take a holistic look at all areas you want improvement or experience healing around. This is for someone who wants a rebirth, a fresh vision, and an overall healing to begin a new journey for their lives and to step into the most blissful and powerful version of their selves and their potential reality.

Schedule a "Discover Your Secret Weapon Session" for free HERE.

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